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April 28, 2014
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April 30, 2014
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Without our supply of water, life is quite uncomfortable, so we must know how to deal with its loss, even if it is only a temporary resolution. If a pipe freezes it can be the beginning of a real nightmare, depending on which pipe and where. You may need to call in a professional service like West Heath Plumbers to check out and rectify your plumbing. Hopefully, you should be able to avoid frozen pipes and the misery they bring.
Below are some points to help you deal with this issue:
If the water supply in your home fails, it could be a fault with the whole system so check with neighbours first. It may be the water company’s problem. If this is not the case, then it is your issue to deal with. The pipes may be frozen (if the weather is very cold).

Pointers to help:

1). Isolate the main stop-cock. Usually found this under the sink in the kitchen or even where the main supply comes into the property.

2). Visually inspect all the pipes that are accessible for signs that there is of any freezing for example ice can form on pipes.

3). If you leave a tap open that is adjacent to the frozen one, then water will flow when the frozen pipe thaws out.

4). Avoid direct heat like blowtorch or heat gun so heat damage is avoided.

5). Use the warm air from a hairdryer to defrost the pipes. Running water behind the frozen section can help to thaw the problem. A trickle of water from an open tap is a sign that it is working.

6). When thawed, thoroughly check all the system for leaks. If any have occurred and you are not confident in you abilities, call a professional plumber like a West Heath Plumber who can carry out the task.

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