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June 8, 2016
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Manholes must be made for households that are in areas where public sewer systems aren’t constructed. Manholes are designed in such a way that they can perform their function (i.e., the removal of waste waters and solid waste from a household) for long periods (a minimum 4-5 years), if they are maintained properly and cleaned regularly. It is not recommended to flush down the toilet waste that can’t be dissolved or that could block manhole pipes. If any member of your household does that, it is very possible that soon you will experience a problem with the Blocked manhole West Heath.
Why do issues with a Blocked manhole West Heath happen? There are many possible reasons, but the first one to consider is an excessive amount of water arriving into the manhole – an amount that simply can’t be processed in a short period of time. This can happen during periods of heavy raining or when snow is melting. In this case it is possible for a manhole to overspill.

How can such issues be handled?
One of the most important things is to maintain and clean the manhole regularly. This means cleaning it at least every half year with the strong cleaning machine/compressor. Cleaning will remove any excessive waste as well as any dangerous solid waste that can’t be dissolved in the manhole, even with all the bacterial work. Along with the cleaning, the addition of good bacteria should be done; this will help existing good bacteria to better perform their function. Products for manhole cleaning you can add into the manhole yourself are also an excellent solution for good manhole maintenance between the period of professional cleaning and maintenance, because such products will:
• enable biologic processing of waste materials
• remove nasty smells and gases that can harm human health (H2S, CH4,NH3)
• minimise the amount of solid waste and enable its transformation into liquid waste
• prevent leaks or blocks
• dissolve oils and fats
• clean the manhole system

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