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The heat pump is an appliance that can use energy, to send heat from one location to another. However this is not done but not in large volumes. The pump is quite a versatile piece of equipment. It is designed to take heat from the ground or the air. This then is the source of heat for, places like offices, homes or even office blocks. This pump is also designed to be used for the provision of cool air as well. If you know and appreciate how an air conditioning unit works like a West Heath Plumber does, you will definately understand how this pump works. Both the heat air conditioner and the heat pump use the same sort of principles to work in the same way.

Now when cooling is talked about, the favourite response will be to name the air conditioning unit as the best way. People do not think of heat pumps. There is also the old favourite alternative, the “window fan.” You will be amazed to find out that heat pumps can both heat and cool and in some applications and can be preferred to a separate heat or cold source. West Heath Plumbers would provide expert advice on this.

How it works:

a). When the unit works to perform a cooling function, it takes a volume of heat from its surroundings and sends it to the atmosphere, this process provides a cooling affect as it expels the hot air.
b). When the unit works to perform a heating function, it take volume of cold air from outside, and then heats and distributes it into an inside space.

A great thing about the heat pump in comparison with other systems is there is no requirement to fit two separate units to carry out both jobs. The pump is efficient, because it moves heat, instead of burning fuel to make it. This definitely crowns it as a fantastic green machine, much greener than any fuel.

A heated swimming pool can thank the heat pump for its warmth.

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