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April 28, 2014
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It is very important that you know all about these parts of a plumbing system, as you might just have to deal with a blockage or other kind of issue with them. West Heath Plumbers work on drains and inspection chambers.

All pipework fitted to a waste system that run underground are called drains. However there are other holes fitted that link the straight runs of these underground pipes (or that indicate the points were the straight change direction) and they are called inspection chambers or manholes.

A West Heath Plumber knows where the manholes are and how to access them. The basic idea and practical thinking that has gone into this particular design feature is if there is going to be a blockage in the drains, it is more than likely going to happen at one of these bends or junction points that are located within the drainage system.

If you lift off the lid (this should be clearly marked) on the inspection chamber, you will see or at least should see a very nice, clean, straight or ‘Y-shaped’ half channel that runs across the base of the run. However, if you find that the channel has been filled with solid waste or worse still, the whole manhole has flooded, then, logically the drain is blocked.

If one of these drains is blocked it will cause a very high risk to public health and some councils will actually send out a team to clean and unblock the system without charge, or at least at a minimal cost to the homeowner. A good idea would be to approach them in the first instance and ask if they will contribute. Of course, if you are elderly or infirm, then you will find that most councils will be only too happy to help and advise.

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