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March 25, 2016
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It is important to carry out boiler servicing annually so as to maintain the boiler in the best condition always and to be sure that the boiler runs efficiently and safely. This is also part of the conditions that are set for boiler warranties. This means that you need to ensure that the boiler is serviced every year so as to have a valid warranty. The service works as well as repairs need to be carried out by safe gas registered engineers who are competent to handle the work that is required on the appliance. Gas safe register websites can be really helpful in allowing you to know who the competent people to handle your work for you are. Boiler repairs West Heath also need to be handled with the greatest care so as to make sure that you protect your home against any kinds of eventualities that can result from the breakdowns.

What you will notice in most cases is that regular maintenance of the boiler offers you a longer service, adding to the life of the boiler. However, even annual services that include visual checks don’t prevent breakdowns at times due to different reasons. Visual checks involve the pipe work and the flue installation and sometimes the boiler can break down due to other things.

When you are in need of boiler repairs West Heath, you will need to have the boiler checked first before a full diagnosis is given. This has to be done in an effacing and safe manner. The things that the engineer will have to look out for include:

• Correct gas flow and pressure
• Combustion and the flue where a flue gas analyser may be used to determine whether the boiler is burning the correct air and gas
• Electrical connections are also checked to make sure that they are in the best condition
• The fans and other components need also to be checked to ensure they are working as they should
• The seals are checked to make sure that they are intact
• The safety devices also need to be checked

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