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Below are some Tools that have uses in the Plumbing World:

Claw hammer for general work (banging nails and clawing out old screws), a small tack hammer, (for banging in pins and small nails), and a large-headed club or lump hammer (used in conjunction with a flooring or bolster chisels, to lift floorboards and chop holes in plaster and brickwork). These are essential tools. A West Heath Plumber uses all three hammers.

Chain Wrench:
A tool with a handle, a toothed job and a chain used for gripping pipes and large nuts. In action, you wrap the chain over the item to be turned, engage the chain with the toothed jaw, and then leave the handle so that the chain grips. The chain wrench is a very useful tool, especially if you have to work on old pipework, threaded galvanised pipe and such like. Ideally, you need a chain wrench and a stilson wrench.

Tin snips or Metal Snips:
A scissor-like tool used for cutting thin metal sheet. In action, you hold the work piece in one gloved hand while operating the snips with the other. If possible, choose (universal) snips, which have thick, narrow blades. They are stronger and more versatile.

A good pair of pliers is very useful. Long nosed pliers are good with electrics. A large pair of pliers are good for heavy work such as soaring and adjusting the WC valves, and a really huge care for all manner of hard to do tasks. West Heath Plumbers use this tool.

Box Spanner:
A metal spanner shaped like a cylinder that is used to cover a specific shape of nut. They are very useful when access to the nut is limited to below.

A tool used for clearing blocked sinks and waste pipes. It has a wooden handle on one end and a rubber cup on the other. In use, you fill the sink with water, position the rubber cup so that it covers the waste hole, and then begin pumping. Rubber plungers are cheap and can last forever, but are not so efficient as hydraulic pumps. It is a good tool.

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